Blue-9 Balance Harness Buckle Neck

from £37.50

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Designed by Lori Stevens, Certified Dog Trainer and made in the USA, the unique Balance Harness™ has 6 adjustment points offering a customised fit for comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible lead attachment options. Its unique design offers you the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness to ensure comfort, proper movement, and safety.

With the slip-over version, your dog simply has their head through the neck loop. If your dog does not like harnesses slipped over their head, there is also a buckle-neck version which snaps around your dog’s neck like a necklace. For dogs who have larger heads than necks, the buckle-neck version may work better. Apart from the entirely black and entirely orange version, the only coloured section of the Balance Harness is the coloured guide strip which runs along the dog's back. So when you buy a red harness, the only red section is this; the rest of the harness is black.

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This harness is not an 'anti-pull' harness. This harness does not work by stopping the front legs from moving forwards, nor does it tighten around the chest. It is not designed to be tight or to feel unpleasant in order to stop pulling. It is designed to feel light and to move with the dog when they move with the aim being that the dog feels relaxed and comfortable. Dogs pull for a variety of reasons which can stem from heightened emotions such frustration, excitement or fear and created by the places where they walk or find themselves in (the environment), and people, other dogs or animals they see. It may take a few moments for dogs to get used to the feeling of lightness when they first try a Balance Harness.

The two points of contact on this harness are designed to give a tactile sensation to walk in balance whilst the dog is rewarded as often as necessary for maintaining a loose lead or an ideal position. Alternatively, you may also want to teach your dog that a clip to the front is a cue to walk at your side and that a clip on the rear means they can walk out in front. You are about to purchase a piece of gear which should last a lifetime and our aim is that you derive pleasure in using it. If in doubt about its variety of uses, please talk to us or a competent dog-friendly trainer.

Apart from all orange or all black, the harness you choose will have the colour as the guide strip along the top. The rest of the harness will be black.