Corporate Statements

Healthy Pet Store recognises its position in the pet food and accessories supply chain and is aware of its impact locally. We have a responsibility in the way we treat our people and customers, the environment and the community where we operate.

Our ranges of food

Our food comes from DEFRA approved sources in the UK and EU. Our raw meat suppliers must regularly test their meats to return acceptable levels of bacteria (but never salmonella). Our cooked pet food suppliers must do the same and their results must return negative. Our pick and mix range of dried meats are from the UK or the EU and are subject to the same regulation. The regulations for this industry are there to protect us. So all pet food, no matter what form it takes, is made from animals deemed fit for human consumption, but not destined to be consumed by us; this could be because it has been rejected by supermarkets because of its look, or because there is no market for the by-products or cuts which dogs and cats are happy to eat and which are just as nutritious.

The environment

We work with local recycling firms and Councils to have our waste collected responsibly. All confidential waste is shredded and recycled as is cardboard and paper waste. The use of plastic is a significant issue in this industry and we are eager to do more to reduce our impact on the amount of plastic in circulation. We wish that a better framework was in place in order for us to do so.

Here’s what we send for recycling. Some of this must be returned to us by you, the customer, in order to be part of closed loop recycling.

  • Freezer trays (PET/no.1) RETURN THIS
  • Peelable freezer lids (PET/no. 1) RETURN THIS
  • Freezer and dried meat bags (PET/no. 1) RETURN THIS
  • Branded plastic tubs and lids (PET/no. 1 or PP/no. 5) RETURN THIS
  • Potted dried snacks (PP/no.5) can be returned and refilled for 20p off RETURN THIS
  • Branded food pouches are laminated metal and plastic. Splitting and recycling is an expensive process and we are currently in negotiation with a collection company
  • Branded bagged foods and snacks (LDPE/no. 4) RETURN THIS
  • Plastic mixed with nylon – we are engaging with suppliers to persuade them to use a pure plastic which can be recycled
  • Pallet wrap (LDPE/no. 4)

We regularly litter pick in a wide area around our store, collecting all rubbish regardless of the origin of the waste.

Polysystrene boxes (no. 6) are reused for home deliveries and collection orders where possible. Our suppliers also accept undamaged polystyrene boxes back. However, this plastic is recognised as a problem and ends up being incinerated.

How we treat our people

We are committed to paying our people at a rate which affords them a standard of living. We are a proud member of the Real Living Wage movement and a signatory of the Good Business Charter. We also offer loans for car parking permits and access to a bursary for professional development. We became the first pet food and accessories retailer in the UK to be Real Living Wage accredited.

How we treat suppliers

Due to our Good Business Charter accreditation, we’re committed to paying our smaller suppliers on a proforma basis and also settling all supplier credit on and before 30 days. We recognise that we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our key suppliers. We have always taken a partnership approach with our key suppliers which ensures we continue to have a brilliant range at great prices with few supply issues.

Our charitable giving

We regularly run raffles and competitions with the aim of raising money for national and local dog and cat rescue charities. We provide dated food to local charities.