Meet The Team


Operations Manager

Photo of Richard

Richard currently doesn’t have any animals of his own but he is a big dog-lover. Having been on a training journey with Rufus, he understands just because a dog is big doesn’t mean heavy-handedness. He welcomes dogs into his life as if they are his own and often refers to them affectionately as ‘mini-beasts’. If Richard were a dog, he’d want his caregiver to use positive reinforcement. Richard’s superpower is his ability to drive the success of Healthy Pet Store by always looking for ways to be more efficient and innovative.


Assistant Store Manager

Photo of Hannah

Hannah has two pets. She has a border collie called Sora and ginger tabby cat called Alan. If Hannah were a dog, she imagines she would love being able to run laps around the garden and play with squeaky toys. Her superpower is her organisation. Hannah especially loves checking things off a list and having a cleaning schedule.


Purchasing Administrator

Photo of Claire

Claire has two dogs – Crumpet and Rhea, as well as two cats – Storm and Gus. If Claire were a dog or cat, she imagines that she would love being able to sleep all day. Claire’s superpower is that she is really dependable and is always happy to help.


Purchasing Administrator

Photo of Fiona

Fiona has a cat called Huckleberry (‘Hucks’) who moved into her home in 2018. Hucks belonged to a neighbour who decided to get a dog so Hucks took it upon himself to move out. Fiona imagines that if she were a cat, she would love that she could sleep all day and get lots of treats. Fiona’s superpower is that she is really organised and approachable.


Data and Content Administrator

Photo of Dalila

Dalila has four ferrets (one boy and three girls). They are called Bifos, Nate, Queijo and Flan. Dalila loves how ferrets are always going on adventures because they get to explore places where they are not supposed to go. She adores how they can spend all day playing with their friends. Dalila’s superpower is that she is excellent at paying close attention to detail meaning any task she focuses on is done to accuracy.


Delivery Driver

Photo of Ray

Ray has two dogs; Fred and Bumble who are brothers. They are a cross between a labrador retriever and a german shepherd. Ray said that if he were a dog, his favourite thing would be that love is mutual and goes both ways. The superpower that Ray brings to Healthy Pet Store is patience; something that is crucial for when he is out on the road delivering orders to customers.



Photo of Bianca

Bianca has three Siberian huskies called Kohana, Ringo & George. If she were a dog, she thinks she would love being the central point of any home and being regarded with the same love and affection as any other family member. Bianca’s superpower is her adaptability. It doesn’t matter what situation she is thrown into, she can deal with it with a level head.


Customer Advisor

Photo of Hayley

Hayley has two dogs called Nicky and Mutley. She said if she were a dog, she thinks the best thing would be being able to lounge around on the sofa all day. She would also love to have all of her meals made for her every day. Hayley’s superpower is compassion because she enjoys helping people and their pet companions.


Customer Advisor

Photo of Emily

Emily has one dog, a dachshund called Rylo. She also has a gecko leopard called Echo. Emily said that she loves how cats and dogs can show their personalities and affection in lots of different ways. Her superpower is her ability to see different perspectives.


Customer Advisor

Photo of Sarah

Sarah has two guinea pigs; Ronnie and Reggie, an ackie monitor lizard called Sergei, a gargoyle gecko called Scylla, four snakes; Fawkes, Bear, Monty and Harley, and lastly a rabbit called Bun. Sarah adores the companionship pets can offer and loves the energy they bring to life. If Sarah had a superpower, it would be her ability to retain knowledge because she is a fast learner and loves being able to share useful information with customers.


Customer Advisor

Photo of Ciara

Ciara has two dogs, Remi and Lexi, and a horse called Marni. Ciara says if she were a cat she would love the freedom and independence they have because they can sleep all day and choose when they want attention. Ciara’s superpower is her ability to always be light-hearted and bring fun to the retail team.


Warehouse Supervisor

Photo of Adam

Adam doesn’t currently have any pets but is hoping to get a dog in the future. If he were a dog, Adam said he would love being able to lounge all day and eat treats. Adam’s superpower is his ability to stay calm in all situations because of his relaxed mentality.


Warehouse Operative

Photo of Andrew

Andrew has two cats, Harley and Mistletoe. He said if he were a cat or dog he would love being the centre of attention. Andrew’s superpower is his ability to always give 110% to all of his work.


Managing Director

Photo of Deborah

Debs has four dogs. Woody and Flossy are border collies, and Menios and Storm are two Greek dogs from Aspropyrgos. Debs said that she loves how dogs always look on the bright side and that we must cherish their loyalty and forgiving nature. Debs’ superpower is that she is really focused on customer experience and is devoted to setting up a workplace which is supportive of all colleagues. She is also super organised.