In Store Services

Getting started on home prepared meals

Preparing meals for your dog or cat needn’t be complicated. One of our jobs is to make feeding a healthy, home prepared diet easy to do ~ just as easy as feeding yourself or the rest of your family. You’ll be provided with a simple bespoke plan, including the core components of a fresh, home prepared diet to ensure your dog or cat is receiving a balanced diet over time.

Talking about your dog’s or cat’s food

Some customers come to Healthy Pet Store for the first time because they have a problem such as their dog or cat is itching or has an upset stomach. We have a responsibility to ensure customers are referred back to their veterinary practice for any confirmed diagnosis and to ensure their veterinary surgeon is aware and happy with what their client is doing. We may then be able to assist with providing access to a less processed diet or single/novel protein diets (cooked or raw), treats and snacks to match, and supplements and nutraceuticals which may work in combination with any prescribed medication.

Training challenges

As the go-to store for cool training gear, food reinforcers and functional toys, we love giving tips where we can. Once medical reasons have been eliminated, training and behavioural challenges may be sorted out by way of a functional assessment which takes into account the animal, their genetics, their environment, their emotions and their history of reinforcement and punishment. Functional assessments and training plans are best provided by professionals in animal training and behaviour. We network with several in the region – ask us for recommendations.

Weigh ins

Everyone knows animals should be trim for their long term health. Rather than present you with a diagram of dogs scaled by obesity to anorexia, we would rather motivate you to help your companion reach an achievable and targeted weight loss goal, over time.

Our Lean Club programme rewards you, the caregiver, for achieving weight loss milestones along the way as agreed by you, with a prize to celebrate the final achievement.

Harness fittings

Famed for our expert harness fittings with a fantastic range of colours and features, we turn your pup into a rock star with a well fitted harness.