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Celebrating a new food safety milestone

Posted on August 1, 2023
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We’ve gone above and beyond on our food safety requirements in a bid to maintain the highest level of food safety for cats and dogs across the south.

We’ve celebrated another milestone after our logistics and warehousing team successfully passed its HACCP training.

HACCP training refers to ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’ and it is essential for all food manufacturers and some retailers because it identifies, evaluates and controls potential hazards in the supply chain process. Being HACCP accredited demonstrates our continued focus on excellence in the pet food retail sector.

Our Managing Director Deborah Burrows said this is a great accolade to hold in pet food retailing because it means we can prevent, reduce or eliminate any risks associated with handling food and maintain the correct temperatures of all our produce.

Three colleagues from our logistics team successfully passed the HACCP training; Warehouse Supervisor, Adam Norman, and Warehouse Operatives Will Facciol and Andrew Hills.

Deborah added: “Ensuring our logistics team is HACCP trained means we maintain the highest level of food safety and quality for our canine and feline consumers.

“Through a number of documented steps and checks, we go above and beyond what is required in our sector and this certification is a unique demonstration of our commitment to excellence in our industry.”

Warehouse Supervisor Adam Norman said: “The HACCP checks we make on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are at the pinnacle of food retailing, nevermind pet food retailing and this means confidence in the safety standards of our range of frozen meals is strong.”

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