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Pet insecticides and New Forest habitats

Posted on June 15, 2023
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We’re encouraging dog caregivers across the region to limit the number of flea, tick and wormer preventatives given to their pets to help protect wildlife within the New Forest.

The New Forest Dog Owners’ Group reported there has been mass death of dung beetles and although no cause has been identified, it is thought it may be a result of certain worming treatments found in dog waste. Dung beetles play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the New Forest.

Our Managing Director Deborah Burrows said dog caregivers in Hampshire are very lucky to have the New Forest on their doorstep and it’s important all visitors play a part in protecting the New Forest and its habitats.

But Healthy Pet Store is not alone when it comes to concerns regarding pet insecticides and habitats.

The Wildlife Trusts issued a plea urging people to prevent their dogs from entering ponds on nature reserves due to the potential harm posed by flea and tick treatments on larvae and other pond life.

Deborah continued: “Even though the most damaging Ivermectin-based wormers aren’t as common now, it is worth considering the long term impact of any wormer or flea and tick treatment on insect populations within the New Forest and other nature reserves.

“An alternative when it comes to worming is to withdraw from ‘just-in-case’ treatments and replace them with faecal egg counts to detect worm eggs, then treating dogs when needed. And for protection from fleas and ticks, there are several alternatives to pet insecticides worth exploring.”

As an ambassador for the New Forest Dog Owners’ Group, we are passionate about promoting responsible dog guardianship within the New Forest.

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