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We have urged caregivers to feed unprocessed foods

Posted on February 10, 2023
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Visiting dog at Healthy Pet Store

We have urged dog owners across the region to incorporate unprocessed food, such as raw meat, into their dog’s diet. 

New research from the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that puppies who were fed mainly kibble were more likely to suffer from gut health issues in later life, compared to dogs who were fed a raw food diet, or a mix of both. 

Our MD Deborah said because raw food is unprocessed, it retains bacteria and enzymes which are needed in balance for a healthy gut and strong immune system.

7000 dog owners were surveyed over a ten year period to find out what they fed their dogs. The caregivers were asked whether their dogs had experienced gut issues that lasted more than three weeks. 

It was found that dogs which were mostly fed dog food were 29% more likely to develop gut health issues such as vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss and loss of appetite, compared to dogs who ate mostly unprocessed food such as raw meat. 

A strong correlation was found between their diet as a puppy and whether or not they developed gut problems in later life.

We have been an advocate of raw-feeding since 2014. We have one of the largest ranges of unprocessed foods in the region to allow caregivers to prepare varied and nutritious meals for their pets. 

Deborah added: “This study supports everything we believe in at Healthy Pet Store and has shown the importance of raw feeding for potentially protecting against gastrointestinal problems.There are also other proven benefits of raw food including improved skin, coat, dental hygiene. 

“Feeding your dog a balanced diet is key and there are easy ways to achieve this with home prepared meals. Even just feeding your pet unprocessed food from time to time may offer many benefits for their health. I would recommend incorporating something unprocessed such as raw meat several times a week if you can.” 

We can advise you about meals for specific dietary requirements with your pet’s veterinary guidance. 

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