Meal formulation for medical condition (dogs)

In conjunction with The RAW Vet, this is a meal formulation service for dogs with specific conditions, and their caregivers looking to feed a fresh, home-prepared diet. The formulation provided by The Raw Vet will be complete and balanced and designed to alleviate and/or improve the conditions listed below.

Come in to see us. You will receive an intake form for you to complete at your leisure. The Raw Vet will contact your own vet for your dog's history (with your approval). A complete and balanced fresh and raw diet will be formulated for you by The Raw Vet. This will include various food groups, and supplements if and where necessary. A copy of the plan can be sent to your own vet with your approval by The Raw Vet.

This is a special service provided by Charlotte Gray MA VetMB MRCVS to help dogs who:

** may be struggling with these conditions
** may not be enjoying their current commercial food (normal or prescription foods)
** may need tweaks to their current home-prepared diet for optimum effect

and for caregivers who recognise the impact that good food can have on their pets' welfare.

£150 which covers the formulation for the condition(s), to ensure each element produces a complete and balanced diet to scientific standards, one reasonable further change to the diet plan and conversing with your vet, and our Customer Advisors getting the ingredients together with you (some specialised supplements may need to be bought independently)

Skin issues/allergies/infections 
Hair/coat issues (excess moulting/dry coat/greasy coat)
Not eating
Excessively hungry 
Vomiting or regurgitation 
Dental problems
Ear infections/ear trouble 
Cushings syndrome 
Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
Pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas) 
Immune mediated disease
Neurological disease 
Disc or spinal disease 
Behavioural issues