Our History & Future

In 2014, an empty shop in the small town of Totton saw the start of something special. Previously occupied by a food shop for humans, a food shop for dogs and cats was established. Crammed not only with freezers, but extra special training gear and toys, Healthy Pet Store quickly became a destination for dog and cat enthusiasts who loved the ranges and the knowledge of its people working there. ‘You need a bigger shop’ also became something often heard.

2020 saw Healthy Pet Store finalise a deal which would make it the largest retailer of frozen meals for cats and dogs in the country. Against a backdrop of Covid-19 and in total lockdown, the business moved 20 metres to the other side of its shopping arcade location into a long-empty unit. Healthy Pet Store has been recognised as a leading independent retailer providing a unique supermarket-style shopping experience balanced with being a community of pet lovers.

In 2021, Healthy Pet Store won South Coast Business Awards Entrepreneur of the year, and in 2022, won Modern Retail Good Retail Awards Brick n Clicks.

Delighting customers and their pets is what drives us to improve and expand. Anyone with a suitable idea which fits with us and our ethics which then goes on to be implemented is awarded £50. This could be anything from a new service or a better way of doing something.

Now firmly established as a market leader in frozen meals for dogs and cats and animal-friendly products, we are on the look-out for new store locations. Must-haves are 350sqm+, parking close, and separate goods in access. If an appropriate site is secured, £500 is yours as a thank you.

For commercial property agents making an introduction, acquisition fees will be agreed in the normal way. Very large town centre retail units also have a potential to be split.