Past events

Natural Canine and Feline Nutrition Seminar
Caroline Griffith, Pet Industry Nutrition Consultant and Qualified Nutritional Therapist and author of The Best Dog Diet Ever

Sunday 30th June 4pm to 9.30pm
West Totton Centre
Hazel Farm Road
Totton SO40 8WU

We often take for granted something as everyday as pet food whether it comes from a supermarket or a pet store, but do you really know what’s inside?

We owe it to our dog or cat to understand pet food choices and the amazing positive influence a healthy diet can have on their happiness, health and behaviour. Whether you feed raw, home-cooked, home-prepared, or branded, dried, wet or dehydrated, tins, cans, pouches or something in between, you will leave equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision about what to feed your dog or cat. Caroline is the only speaker discussing the genuine differences between all these types of foods, as well as the science and practical aspects.

On this seminar you will:

  • Learn what makes up the different types of pet foods available
  • Understand pet food labels
  • Understand what the word 'complete and balanced' actually means
  • Find out how to spot a great dog or cat food - it’s not just in the ingredients list
  • Get insider info on the entire pet food industry (raw and cooked) and uncover the myths and discover the truths, and understand the confusion over the raw diet
  • Be able to work out exactly what is right for your dog or cat as individuals
  • Know exactly what is nutritionally different between a real meat diet and a processed diet and how that affects our pets
  • Appreciate the reasons why dogs and cats seem to be healthier and overcome issues on fresh food diets
  • Know how to create homemade real meat meals in balanced, healthy, safe and cost effective ways if you want to
  • Get to understand more about fruit and vegetables for dogs, and supplements

Packed with advice and information, this unbiased seminar is a must for every dog’s or cat’s human companion
No selling! Tea, coffee, squash, fruit and biscuits provided. 

Home Prepared Meals - A Veterinary Perspective

Wednesday 24th July 6pm to 9pm
Hounsdown Commmunity Centre
Hounsdown Avenue
Totton SO40 9FG

This informative seminar discusses the science behind why home prepared cooked meals or raw meals are likely to be beneficial to your dog, and how you can formulate your own recipes that provide optimal nutrition. It will be useful to caregivers already feeding home prepared meals, or considering it, and healthcare professionals (vets, vet nurses, and complementary practitioners).

What will be covered?

1. The potential benefits of a whole food diet and the scientific thinking behind them
2. Risks and how to minimise them
3. What raw/whole foods can you feed? What are your options? Do you have to feed bones? Should you feed vegetables? 
4. How to start with balancing a raw diet, including the basics of doing nutritional checks and formulations for healthy adult dogs at home, to internationally recognised EU FEDIAF and US National Research Council's minimum requirements
5. Deficiencies - common ones to look out for, how to check if nutrients are lacking, how to minimise risk of imbalance and how to correct imbalances 
6. Useful books and places to reference for more help

Who is this for?

1. Anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of raw feeding, whether you do already, or are considering it
2. Anyone who feeds a homemade cooked diet as the analyses are similar
3. Veterinary or animal professionals who would like to look into the basics of formulating or checking homemade diets to NRC or FEDIAF nutritional requirements

About the presenter

Charlotte Gray is a mixed practice country vet working in East Sussex. Charlotte has 10 dogs and 8 cats and her partner and her run and live on a free range pig farm. Charlotte has watched the rise of raw feeding over the past decade. Her passion for both raw feeding and the nutritional science behind it drives her to learn more and more about the nutritional background of raw feeding. Charlotte is a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

What's included

Seminar attendance (2.5 hours plus question time)
Booklet with all the course content for you to annotate and refer to later 
The RAW Vet air dried treats for your canine companion
Healthy Pet Store goodie bag
Free download to help you get started if you want to check your dog's nutrition at home
Discount vouchers for The RAW Vet complete raw foods (launching 2019)
Tea, coffee, squash, fruit and biscuits provided

Charlotte will be unable to answer questions about veterinary care, but nutrition questions are very welcome! Dogs are welcome to stay in their cars if they are happy to, but will be unable to be in the hall except for assistance dogs.