Healthy Pet Store Experience

Feel confident you’re supporting somewhere which cares about you and your companion animal. From the great choice of foods, dog and cat-friendly training gear, fun toys and more, together with the professional and skillful service you receive, we help you to keep your companion animal healthy with good nutrition and to have an enriched life.

With our big range of frozen food for dogs and cats – chewing bones, meaty bones, whole foods, meat chunks, boneless and bone-in minces and ready made frozen meals – Healthy Pet Store is well placed to serve those who are interested in providing their puppy, kitten, dog or cat of any shape and size with home prepared meals, raw or cooked. Don’t worry if you’ve never feed your pet a raw food diet before or feel a little daunted by the prospect. We’ll provide you with the care and attention needed to succeed along with a simple, bespoke plan.

Superior quality names in bagged and canned foods are also available if home preparation is not for you. Mixing and matching, with choices to suit your lifestyle, together with simple, unassuming advice are what we offer at Healthy Pet Store

We have an extensive range of natural snacks, chews and training rewards, so you’re sure to find something to help teach and motivate your companion. And with a comprehensive range of supplements and remedies for general wellbeing, skin, coat, joints, digestion, teeth, eyes and ears, as well as a selection of pesticide-free treatments and deterrents against fleas, ticks and worms, and home testing kits, we are the go-to store for complementary remedies.

Essentials such as bowls, gentle grooming products, biodegradable poo bags and supportive memory foam dog beds are available. Our thoughtful toy range is designed not only for play, but for function, whether to help with focus or specific training needs. We are also unique stockists of several products not found anywhere else in the UK.

We respect dogs’ need for space when they visit and we encourage dogs to relax and have a sniff around. We also have a weighing station for your dog with some food rewards to encourage them to stand on the platform.

Our Customer Advisors attend courses on canine nutrition, are assessed on basic herbal supplementation and herbal medicine and have basic knowledge of common training and behavioural topics. They advise on a range of diets from dried, wet, home-cooked, home prepared and everything in between. They can suggest specific supplements or licensed herbal products for your pet’s condition* and also recommend and demonstrate dog-friendly training gear and play products. Healthy Pet Store is affiliated to the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

*Herbal medicines and supplements are not a replacement for prescribed medication although in some circumstances, you may be able to reduce your pet’s medication. Always consult and work with your vets.