About Us

Our values

When our customers buy from Healthy Pet Store, they can feel confident that they are supporting a store which cares about them and their companion animals, and the products it sells. Our customers will find excellent service, sound advice and a large choice of foods, training gear, toys and more.

Large range

You'll find one of the largest ranges of raw dog food and raw cat food in the South - whole prey, chunks, boneless and bone-in minces in handy, stackable trays (which we can take back to have commercially recycled), raw meaty bones and fruit, nut and vegetable mixes. We also stock a range of raw replacement diets which are perfect for travelling and camping. We are also stockists of cold-pressed brands - Tribal, and wet food brands - Little Big Paws, Fish4Dogs, Fish4Cats, Lily's Kitchen, dry food brands - Lilys Kitchen, Land of Holistic Pets, Orijen and Acana, ready made raw brand - Nutriment, Albion, Kiezebrink, Alaska, Benyfit and PurrForm, as well as dehydrated pet food brand - Robbie's.

Also, with a huge range of natural treats, snacks, chews and training rewards, you're sure to find something to help teach and motivate your companion. As official stockists of Hilton Herbs, Dorwest Herbs and CSJ Herbs and many more high quality brands, we have an excellent range of natural supplements and remedies for skin, coat, joints, bones, digestion, teeth, eyes and ears disorders, as well a selection of pesticide-free treatments and deterrents against fleas, ticks and worms, and home testing kits. We also stock Pet Remedy and other products to help relieve stress and anxiety. Our shampoos are mild and natural, yet effective and respect your dog's skin and sensitive nose.

We stock some essentials such as toxin-free, BPA & phthalate-free bowls, gentle grooming products, biodegradable poo bags and supportive memory foam dogs beds. Our toy range is designed not only for play, but for function, whether to help with relaxation or specific training needs. We are also unique stockists of the wooden range of Nina Ottoson puzzle toys. Our walking and training equipment is chosen based on its dog-friendliness and comfort. We stock a range of fleece harnesses by XtraDog, the unique Balance Harness by Blue9 Products, and the best training bag we know from Doggone Good, as well as original Karen Pryor clickers and Acme whistles. Additionally, we have a selection of nutritional books and dog-related gifts in store. We are always willing to source products which our customers need, if they fit with our offering! Just ask. 

We are a dog-friendly shop

We welcome dogs to the store. We encourage dogs to relax and have a sniff around. There are weighing scales in store which you are welcome to pop in and use whenever we are open. As part of our service to new customers, we can work out and write down the cost and amount per day to feed your dog or cat on the various diets we have in store, so that you can make an informed decision.  

We are here to help

Between us, we've attended courses on canine nutrition, been assessed on herbal supplement & herbal medicine and we have qualified dog training and behaviour modification skills, we can advise you on a range of diets, suggest specific supplements or licensed herbal products for your pet's condition*  and also recommend and demonstrate various dog training equipment and eating/playing/chewing/learning/sleeping products for your pet. Healthy Pet Store promotes force-free and humane training methods. Why not swop a choke chain or a slip lead to a flat collar and/or harness by taking advantage of our special 10% discount? Just ask in store. Healthy Pet Store is unique in this region because it is affiliated to the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) through membership held by one of its staff members. In terms of training gear, this means that the store stocks products which are designed to be dog-friendly and pleasant for the dog to experience. 

Working with the local community

We want to support like-minded businesses and can recommend daycare & dog walking services, group dog training classes, groomers, acupuncturists, herbal vet practices and physiotherapists. We also want to thank those who support our business, including local dog trainers, 'raw-knowledgeable vets', acupuncturists and groomers. Please see the Good Links page for those we recommend.

* Herbal medicines and supplements are not a replacement for prescribed medication although in some circumstances, you may be able to reduce you pet's medication. Always consult and work with your vet.